1. How high do we go?
At times we may come close enough to the trees to pick a leaf from the top, other times we may fly as high as three thousand feet. The flight plan depends upon weather and wind direction.

2. What fuel does the balloon use?
The balloon is fueled by propane, which burns clean and is easy to obtain.

3. How does a hot air balloon fly?
Balloons operate through the basic principles of gravity and heat transfer. As air inside the balloon is heated, it rises, and as the air inside the balloon cools, it descends.

4. How big is the balloon?
Balloons average in size from one passenger to eighteen passengers. The balloon is measured in cubic feet: 55,000 for a sport balloon up to 310,000 for the largest commercial balloon. Painted Horizons Hot Air Balloon Tours flies the two, three and four passenger balloons. We can accommodate larger parties as required.

5. What type of training does the pilot have?
All Painted Horizons Hot Air Balloon Tours pilots hold FAA certified commercial pilot's licenses.

6. Is it safe?
Generally, hot air ballooning is a safe and enjoyable sport. However, the operation of a balloon does present the risk of bodily injury due to the the changing weather conditions. Mother Nature plays a large role in a balloon flight. In our 30+ years of business we have NEVER had an accident or injury!

7. How fast do balloons fly?
A balloon is carried by the wind, and thus moves at the speed of the winds. We fly passengers in gentle breezes, no more than ten miles per hour.

8. Can you steer a balloon?
Winds determine a balloon's direction. Balloonists can steer a balloon to a limited extent, by adjusting the balloon's altitude to make use of different wind speeds and directions.

9. Is age a factor in considering a balloon ride?
There is minimum age restriction. Unfortunately, we cannot take anyone under seven years old. Our only other considerations are that passengers need to be able to get in and out of the basket unassisted, and be able to stand during the entire flight.

10. How long does a balloon ride last?
The actual flight time is approximately one hour. The entire balloon experience, including pre-flight preparation, flight and post-flight celebration, may take two to three hours.

11. How many people will be flying with me?
A Painted Horizons balloon tour can accommodate passenger groups of all sizes. We do like to focus on the couple’s flights, which are exclusive.

12. What should I wear?
The attire for ballooning is casual. To maximize your enjoyment dress appropriately for the season, using casual active wear and closed sport shoes. Shorts, open toed and high-heeled shoes are not recommended.

13. Can we bring video or camera equipment?
A video or still camera offers the perfect opportunity to capture the spectacular scenery and memories of your balloon tour. The crew will be available before you take off to capture your picture in the basket.

14. What if I am afraid of heights?
Unlike looking down from a tall building, there is no intermediate point of reference to judge your height; therefore the sensations associated with height are lessened, just like looking out the window of an airplane.

15. Why do balloons fly in the early morning?
Winds are generally most favorable the first hour after sunrise.

16. How can I participate in a Painted Horizons balloon adventure?
Contact our office at 407-578-3031, or send us an email for more information or to make your reservations!