After we unload the equipment, we lie out the balloon and attach it to the basket. A fan inflates the balloon with cold air until there is enough air for the pilot to begin heating it with the burners.

Once heated, the hot air lifts the balloon into an upright position. Once the balloon is fully upright, the pilot will invite passengers to board. Then the pilot heats the air again with the burners and soon the balloon will begin to lift gracefully into the air. No turbulence or wind is felt when airborne, because you are "floating" with the wind. During the flight, the burners are used periodically to keep the balloon "lighter than air".

See a video of a flight here!

Once airborne, it's time to enjoy the flight and experience the breathtaking views. You may take photos if you wish to go with the memories you'll never forget from Painted Horizons Hot Air Balloon Tours.

After the flight, we enjoy a champagne or sparkling cider toast with pastries, cheese and crackers.

Flights are available five days a week, weather permitting.

Private flights: $325 per person
Non-private flights: $245 per person
Children (7-12): $50 with 2 paying adults
Party of 4 or more: $200 each
Need transportation? Uber or Lyft
Meet-up address: Denny's Restaurant, 12375 State Road 535 Orlando, FL 32836

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